How to Remove Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be removed in several ways, but the most common way is to remove them by pulling the eyelids. Rigid contact lenses are generally difficult to remove; they require the user to carefully cup their hand underneath the eye to prevent tears. Using a soft lens is slightly easier, as the lens clings to the cornea better. To remove a soft lens, you simply press it into place on the eye. To prevent your contact lenses from slipping out of your eyes, use a q-tip to re-clean the eye.

The AQ-tip is a simple way to clean your contact lenses. You simply dip your finger in a solution designed for contact lenses. The solution will dissolve the debris and help the lens breathe. You may be able to remove your contacts without any problems. Just remember to wear them on a regular basis for best results. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you clean your contacts. Then, put them in the sink and wait for them to dry.

The AQ-tip is a simple way to prevent your contact lenses from becoming dirty. Always wash your hands after you korean circle lenses AU take them out. It is not recommended to use towels when handling contact lenses. The towels tend to contain large amounts of bacteria and should not be used for lens care. In addition, dust may settle on the outside of your lenses and can transfer to your lenses. It is very important to clean your lenses daily so that they stay healthy.