How the SBIR Program Works

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program is one of the most a hit public applications designed to support small firm innovation. The cause and shape of this system, however, are often misunderstood. This paper clarifies the goals and motive for the SBIR application and opinions recent findings regarding the program’s effect. The paper identifies 5 dimensions of the innovation capital gap and descriptions a probable extension of the program to better cope with this finance hole.

Journal Information

Entrepreneurship is increasingly more critical as a scholarly discipline. Small Business Economics offers a useful forum for studies and scholarship focusing on the position of entrepreneurship and small business. SBIR Financing The magazine has a vast scope and specializes in more than one dimensions of entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurs’ characteristics, new ventures and innovation, corporations’ lifestyles cycles; as well as the role played by institutions and public regulations within neighborhood, nearby, countrywide and worldwide contexts. Small Business Economics publishes theoretical, empirical, and conceptual papers and encourages interdisciplinary and godisciplinary research from a extensive spectrum of disciplines and related fields, along with economics, finance, management, psychology, local studies, sociology and strategy.