What is Real Estate?

A mutation certificate may be acquired on line at the official internet site of Land and Land Reforms and the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department of West Bengal. Thereafter you will be required to fill in the utility form for mutation of the property.  palm hills new cairo You will have to- In case of belongings mutation you’ll most in all likelihood be required to provide the sale deed, registration deed, a document proving the payment of taxes, at the side of the aadhar card of the applicant.
Once that is executed, you’ll obtain a registration number pertaining in your request. You can test the fame of your software on-line. After it’s accredited you will be able to down load the mutation certificate and print the equal. Porcha is a felony file which facts the ownership of the belongings or land inside the name of the stated person. It can be accessed from the Bengal Land and land reforms website. However it is essential to be aware that a porcha establishes the call of the character beneath whom the belongings is legally assigned but it doesn’t identical to ownership. The porcha is an vital report for revenue functions but does not establish possession.
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