What Is Liveaboard Diving?

Who Can Join a Liveaboard Dive Trip?

Scuba diving off a liveaboard isn’t just for the very skilled scuba diver. They are appropriate for knowledgeable and amateur divers alike, as most liveaboards cater to Open Water scuba divers and above.


Being as a minimum an Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) qualification will assist as regularly the dive web site will consist of diving like float diving and muck diving that having your Advanced will help.


Frequently, liveaboards will allow you to reap your Advanced certification onboard. If like many recreational scuba divers you haven’t dived in over a year, then refresher dives can be organized to bring you back on top of things.


Do I Need to Have a Buddy?

No, you don’t want a buddy. You could have an instructor with you on the liveaboard and that they’ll be there to assist if some thing goes wrong and preserve your buoyancy as well. But many divers like having at least another person to proportion their enjoy with in order that they’re now not on my own; some pick out to convey pals.


Many solo scuba divers experience happening liveaboard journeys as it’s a extremely good manner to fulfill new buddies and revel in both diving and enjoyable together.


Liveaboards are the most luxurious form of diving journey, however additionally they offer you the quality experience.


It’s a first rate choice for folks that like to take their time and no longer worry approximately travel days or having an excessive amount of equipment with them.


If you’re new to liveaboard diving then it’s miles encouraged that before selecting this type of journey to do some research on what liveaboards have in store.


There are many distinctive liveaboards that each one operate otherwise so make certain your expectations match up with each boat!


What You Should Bring On Your Diving Liveaboard?

Packing for a liveaboard can be traumatic. Knowing what to convey isn’t constantly clear, specifically if the diver hasn’t been on many before.


Raja ampat liveaboard budget Some liveaboards could have a comprehensive listing of substances that you are recommended or required to deliver with you. However, right here are a few fashionable suggestions that each newbie need to realize approximately packing for their trip.


Some liveaboards could have a complete list of substances that you are recommended or required to convey with you, even though constantly convey your personal Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) and torch.

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