How to open a senior day care center

Now is a great time to open an Adult Day Care service. It is a growing market due to the ageing population in the U.S. The cost of assisted living and skilled home care is simply not affordable for many Americans. Therefore, Adult Day services allow families the option to care for and support their loved ones at home while also working full-time jobs, raising children, and caring for their well-being, too.

senior care franchise facilities provide an important and ever-increasing need in ageing and disabled communities. They offer family caregivers respite in addition to providing ageing and disabled populations with social interaction, health services and advocacy, meals, transportation, and a safe environment.

Acquire an existing Adult Day Care center

This is a fairly common option. There are obvious benefits to buying up an established business rather than starting from scratch. However, you will want to make sure you thoroughly research the business’ history and develop a promotion plan going forward. If it is the right choice for you, work with a trusted business broker. Their expertise will help make the acquisition go smoothly.

Open an Adult Day Care center franchise 

If you are a business rookie, franchising is an opportunity for you to consider. There are far fewer risks involved due to the stable foundation of an already established and successful brand. Furthermore, it is beneficial to have guidance and help from business owners when you’re a new entrepreneur as well.

Different Types of Adult Day Services

It is important to distinguish the various types of Adult Day Care provision. Keep in mind, a facility may offer more than one of the following:

Adult Day Social Care: Provides meals, recreational activities, day trips, and social interaction. Clients do not have significant health issues or impairments.

Adult Day Medical Care: In addition to social care offerings, Adult Day Healthcare providers usually have RNs and other therapeutic health practitioners on staff. They may offer physical, occupational and speech therapy. Clients are generally those requiring more medical care and would not be safely left at home alone.

Adult Day Skilled Care: This model provides specialized care to specific client populations. For instance, this could include adults living with developmental disabilities or those with dementia.

Conduct Market Research

Take a look at the US Census Data to see if there is a need in your community. For instance, look at how many people over the age of 65 are living in your area in addition to other key demographics.

Then, find out how many Adult Day Services are in your area. Next, visit or call them. This will help you determine what programs or areas of service are missing from what your community currently offers. It is important to set yourself apart from the competition and attempt to fill an unmet need.

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