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So you have got got these types of matters, these styles of factors, and the suspicions perhaps that the W in WE doesn’t stand best for Western however also for White. So there’s actually an thing to– some thing to that thing as properly. : Male Witch Thank you for clarifying this. And if I can upload my very own two cents on views that scholars could take within the study of this kind of subject matter, I think– I don’t know about your opinion of that, however I suppose we want greater ethnographies we need more anthropologists doing this. What do you observed? :

Which is– precisely– which is at Crawford, precisely. So without a doubt. I suggest, interdisciplinarity, the social sciences have been huge. I mean, I’m working plenty with that sort of stuff as nicely. And yeah, I suggest, in case you’re going to increase our expertise of, specifically, modern esotericism how it is lived nowadays and the negotiations and the changes from context to context, then, of direction, you need anthropology and ethnography and sociology and so forth. : Yeah, yeah. So I inspire all of the college students to reflect onconsideration on this. And I actually have a chunk of a non-public query. I do not know in case you want to answer, in case you do not,

in no way mind. Which is the– within your personal studies, which is the topic, studies article, e book, anything which you are maximum happy with? : Oh, wow. Yeah, I’m most happy with. Oh, I do not know. I don’t know. I’m the form of– I suggest, I may be, how do you are saying, like stressed in my studies a bit bit. I end some thing and circulate on to the next factor, and then I get type of a bit– yeah. : Little bit harassed when people want me to come back again and speak approximately what I did multiple years ago, or perhaps just last week, but changed into sincerely the end result of something. I want to move directly to some thing else. So I don’t know. I mean, what I’m most proud of. I imply, yeah. I certainly do not know how to: OK, it is OK. That’s OK.

It turned into a non-public query. But I simply wanted to feature, for the audience, some other measurement of your work that we failed to quote is your engagement with cognitive sciences and the study– cognitive technology of faith. I don’t know if– we have minutes. But in case you want to mention some thing about this thing of your paintings, I suppose it’s an important addition to what we already just referred to.

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