Complete Guide to Dive Komodo Island Indonesia

We have spent plenty of time exploring exclusive islands round Indonesia, see what we think is All the Best Diving Around Indonesia.

After spending a variety of time diving in South East Asia my two favored locations are Komodo in Indonesia and round Mabul and Sipadan in Malaysia.

Best time to dive Komodo Island

Komodo National Park studies a moist season and a dry season. Reading about diving conditions in Komodo does no longer make it simpler with a lot contradicting facts, I believe you could dive all yr spherical.

Our personal experience, past due November become truly good we had suitable diving each day and we had been surrounded via plenty of mantas at Manta Point. Bali Diving In August we also had brilliant diving, the climate become suitable, viz was right, I noticed a blue ring octopus inside the south, but we saw very few mantas, most effective 2 in a week of diving.

Diving in the Wet Season

Wet season generally runs from December until March, Jan/ Feb there is lots of rain, no longer  usually best.

January to March may have tough surface situations at the northern dive sites.

Wet season is Manta Season!! You can see mantas all year, however height season to peer mantas is December to February whilst you could have more than 10 mantas circling you

Visibility is first-rate from November to January, past due November we had plenty of mantas and properly diving conditions.

Diving in the Dry Season

April to November period is taken into consideration dry season while the weather is at its nice.

May/June & September/October is rated through many as the nice diving conditions.

July and August will have difficult seas within the south and Rinca.

Liveaboard diving or dive from Labuanbajo

The Komodo National Park is located inside the Lesser Sunda Islands and consists of Komodo, Rinca, Padar and 26 small islands. The web sites in the park within reason unfold out, making this a awesome vicinity to explore through stay aboard.¬† You can dive most of the attractions you’ll dive through live aboard on day trips from Labuanbajo, this selection is less expensive. Diving can absolutely be done on a much lower price range from shore than from a liveaboard. Liveaboards start at about $a hundred and eighty in step with day in comparison to diving from shore starting at $90, add budget residing fees it will likely be approximately $a hundred and twenty. The live aboard enjoy is just something notable and I suppose truly worth the greater cost.

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