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Simple to utilize and exceptionally adaptable, our water based  Wicked Colors can handle all the fun DIY undertakings and art thoughts you can concoct. They offer a broad variety range of intensely pigmented acrylic paints. They cover rapidly and work on almost any surface including texture, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and that’s just the beginning! At the point when you really want one paint that can do everything, Wicked Colors are the best new expansion to your munititions stockpile of art supplies.

Wicked Colors offer an enormous, water based variety scope of custom paint for vehicles which incorporates lively and pearlescent paints alongside Wicked Detail Color’s full craftsman range for photograph practical fine art at high detail. What’s more, our 100 percent straightforward candy2O colors make glowing impacts when splashed over or blended in with pearl and metallic basecoats. With the most noteworthy straightforwardness of any paint, candy2O colors make the smoothest mixes and mildest slopes. airbrush kits Mischievous Colors and candy2O are the ideal pair for the custom painter searching for a water based auto paint that splashes like a dissolvable.

In the event that you’re searching for an acrylic shoe paint for cowhide, texture and elastic surfaces, attempt our exceptionally flexible  Wicked Colors. Water based and intensely pigmented, this energetic variety range is loaded brimming with fluorescent and pearlescent varieties prepared to modify kicks with your most stunning plans. Attempt UVLS Clears for a very strong top coat that will safeguard your custom shoes into the indefinite future.

Both  Illustration Colors and Com Art Colors are explicitly figured out to succeed in artistic work and representation craftsmanship. Both are fast drying, yet stay functional as they fix. These light bodied recipes with finely ground colors stream flawlessly through accuracy digitally embellish considering artfulness and outrageous detail. They function admirably on vellum and watercolor paper as well as outline board and material. Recorded and lightfast,  Illustration Colors are ideally suited for a wide range of delineation with a full scope of conventional varieties as well as two specialty ranges, Bloodline and Lifeline, with naturalistic and tissue tone tints. Every one of these varieties are comprised of a large number of shades which can construct hyper-practical layers with a profundity of undertones.Want the best paint for all your bait painting methods? Flexible and multi-surface,  Wicked Colors work delightfully on plastic, metal and wood fishing baits. The huge and energetic variety range covers effectively to make striking, sensible fish scale impacts with splendid glow and pearlescence. The adjustable recipe can be diminished for high detail at limited scope.

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