Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid batteries

Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid Batteries Are Their Best Yet; Are You Using Them?

Hearing aid batteries are not simply hearing aid batteries, and don’t fall prey to the suspicion that they are. What you use matters, and not just in terms of size or expected battery life. As with all technology, the design and manufacture of the batteries makes a huge difference on their performance. In the industry for hearing aid equipment performance, this is more evident in Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid batteries than anywhere else. 


Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid batteries, especially Rayovac Extra Advanced hearing aid batteries, which are available in sizes 312, 10, 13 and 675, feature several distinct advantages in design, packaging and technology that make them some of the most reliable, longest-lasting hearing aid batteries on the market to date. 


Rayovac batteries such as the Extra Advanced line utilize Rayovac’s Active Core PlusTM with Optimisation Technology,  an enhanced power cell design that is intended to optimize the batteries’ internal capacity for better power utilization and longer lifespans.


The batteries’ new Active Core PlusTM Technology features an upgraded battery design and a superior formula for longer lasting performance. The updated design, among other features, ensures more efficient, consistent delivery of air to the fuel cell for optimal performance, even in adverse weather conditions. 


Additionally, the expanded capacity and updated battery fuel formula both work hand in hand to extend battery life, even in the aforementioned adverse conditions. In some instances, this new technology has the ability to extend battery life up to 8 hours, which in some circumstances could constitute an entire day’s worth of use, as compared to a leading competitor and based on ANSI/IEC Hearing Aid Standards.


The batteries in the Extra Advanced line also feature updated, improved packaging and larger, brightly colored tabs that facilitate identification, but most importantly, enhance the ergonomics of the design, making both handling and swapping out your hearing aid batteries easier when you need to do so. 


Get Maximum Mileage from Your Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid Batteries


While Rayovac Extra Hearing Aid batteries are designed with a number of advancements that help to improve longevity and performance, there are a number of practices you can put into place to extract the maximum value from your batteries. You might even call them tricks. 


  • Keep your hearing aids as dry as possible, and store them in a hearing aid dehumidifier when you’re not wearing them. The dehumidifier will help to dry out moisture and oils from your hearing aids, preventing corrosion and protecting the longevity of both your batteries and your hearing aids themselves.


  • Store your hearing aid batteries in a cool, dry location before you use them. Moisture spells doom for hearing aid batteries, because it can cause corrosion and diminish projected battery lifespan, before you even use them.


  • Under no circumstances should you remove the protective tabs on the batteries before you use them. Removing the tab introduces the fuel cell to air, which will cause the batteries to slowly drain, whether or not they’re installed in the hearing aids or not. Better yet, just leave the batteries in their packaging before you use them.


  • Finally, wash your hands before you open or handle the batteries, as this will help to ensure that your batteries are secure from moisture and corrosive agents that can harm them. 

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