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How to Choose a Beam Pattern in an LED Light Bar [What Beam Pattern Is Right for Me?]

We could go on and on all day about the benefits of the Stage Series LED Light Bars available online at Diode Dynamics, and it would fill up pages that you probably don’t have time to read. Let just this be said – they’re tough, reliable, extremely bright and well-focused, and even easy to install. That sums most of it up.


Now let’s get down to what matters: How do you choose a beam pattern for your vehicle’s auxiliary lighting. That’s a question that you need to ask. What does it matter if the LED light bar you choose is bombproof if it’s no good for your lifestyle? 


The Stage Series Light Bars at Diode Dynamics are available in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. Choosing the right pattern and mounting it appropriately on your vehicle will go a long way towards ensuring you get your money’s worth, so to speak. 


  • The flood pattern

The flood pattern available in Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series LED Light Bars throws an extremely wide spread of light, 80 degrees wide by 50 degrees high. Unlike other “flood” patterns on the market, their special flood optic provides a truly evenly distributed spread of light, for ideal illumination. Other floodlights simply throw an oddly diffuse spread of light. 


The flood pattern is perfect for progressing slowly over rough or unfamiliar terrain, as it illuminates the widest path in front of the vehicle. It’s great for off road lighting for mudders and other trail riders, but it can also be used effectively as a work light or for wide outdoor illumination for large gatherings. 


  • The SAE fog/wide pattern

The SAE fog or wide pattern also throws a very wide field of illumination, at 100 degrees wide by 8 degrees high. Since the height of the pattern is somewhat restricted, this pattern is largely intended to serve as a fog light supplement for driving under adverse conditions. 


However, it’s brighter and better focused than the competition; the TIR optics of Diode Dynamics’ LEDs direct and focus the entire light output where you need it, wasting little to none to glare or scattering. Also, these lights are available in amber – a true, deep, rich amber, and not the greenish-yellow of some other “yellow” LED fog lights.


  • The SAE driving pattern 

The SAE driving pattern throws a 20W by 8H spread of light and is ideal as a supplement to your vehicle’s high beams. Choose this pattern if you could use auxiliary illumination to supplement the function of your vehicle’s high beams. 


In addition to these LED light bars, DIode Dynamics also produces and sells a variety of different LED light pods and accent lights that can be used to further enhance your visibility, whether under normal conditions, in rain or fog, on job sites, or when you go off road. Their LED pods, particularly, feature additional beam patterns, including a spotlight that can be used for long-distance illumination..


To learn more about the proprietary features of their LED light bars or their other auxiliary lighting for vehicles, visit them online at DiodeDynamics.com. You can also get in touch with them directly at contact@diodedynamics.com or at 314-205-3033.