cute bowls for smoking

3 Cute Bowls for Smoking Pot

When it comes to smoking marijuana, there are tons of options for getting the job done right. These include hand pipes, bubblers, bongs, dab rigs, joints, blunts, and even apples (desperate times call for desperate measures sometimes). Regardless of which one of these you use, you know that you will get high– simple as that.

However, not all of these options are created equal. Some are huge and bulky. Some hit much harder than others. Maintenance can be grueling or simple. And, this could be the most important difference, some are just downright ugly.

If you are looking for the right bowl for you that is both cute and functional, then you have landed yourself on the right page. There are plenty of cute bowls for smoking pot on the market. Let’s have a look at the five cutest types of bowls for smoking marijuana.

Animal Hand Pipes

Who doesn’t think animals are cute? Purchasing a hand pipe that either features an animal on it or simply is an entire animal is always a great idea. You could purchase ones that are penguins, elephants, cats, lions, tigers, bears oh my. The possibilities are endless. Pair up your favorite marijuana and animal for the dynamic duo of smoking.

Food Hand Pipes

There is nothing like combining the munchies with your favorite munchie. Hand pipes come in plenty of designs and styles, one of which being food. Want to smoke out of a hamburger? You got it. Looking to smoke out of bacon and eggs? Of course. What about ice cream, a smiling banana, or a donut? Check, check, check. Warning: these devices are not edible and if you do end up having the munchies, eat real food, not your bowl. 

Flowers and Plants

These are the epitome of cute designs: flowers and plants. If you are looking for cute bowls for smoking, then a flower or plant bowl would definitely more than suffice. You can get a bowl that offers flowers or plants that swirl around it or you could just smoke out of the bottom of a flower’s stem while the flower holds your–ahem–flower. No matter what, any bowl with a bit of nature on it will undoubtedly be cute and get you high. 

Color Changing Pipes

Color changing pipes, or fume pipes, are seemingly magical bowls that change color as you smoke them. They may appear to have only a slight color on a transparent surface at first, but once you start smoking, that’s when the real fun and magic start. Your bowl will become vibrant and beautiful with no transparency, looking as if it were an entirely new bowl altogether. These bowls typically have beautiful designs and patterns as well, making your bowl both cute and chameleon-like. It’ll certainly be the talk of the smoking circle.

Colorful Pipes

This may be an obvious one, but these pipes deserve a spot on this list, too. Although these may not change color or display your favorite food, animal, or flower, they really know the definition of “cute” and “functional.” There are endless options of colorful hand pipes. You could get one that is one solid color or one that is similar to a painting in its use of colors. Either way, your pipe will get you high while intriguing your sight. 

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